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You'll never see another piece like you have!
Creating beloved objets d'art out of funiture, keepsakes & curios

Call Sharon: 626.833.1602

Through her various forms of art, Sharon Romero's passion is to invoke whimsical, colorful and playful ambiance to a room - be it through her mosaic or bejeweled mirrors, the eclectic treasure boxes, the quirky heart plaques or the abstract paintings.

You will never see two pieces that are the same, but history does live on her pieces as people share their jewelry with her that she incorporates in her art.

Artistic Creations That
Will Add Life to Any Room


Mission Statement

My passion is to give life and beauty back to old, worn pieces of furniture, create unique mosaic pieces & design Wish Boxes!


Sharon Romero, Owner

My previous business history entailed working with people and helping them find their tranquility and inner peace. Now, I find my own tranquility and form of meditation through art.

Several years ago, I took a mosaic class and got hooked on it. Since then, I have found my passion for restoring old pieces of furniture, fitting mosaic tiles on just about anything, and creating one of a kind bejeweled wish boxes.


I am available to re-purpose any piece of furniture that needs to be given love and restored...mosaics are my specialty & lo​ok beautiful as stepping stones in your garden or on a table top, mirror...anything you can imagine. My prices are very reasonable and your piece will stand out as one-of-a-kind!

SHARON is a member of the
Monrovia Association of Fine Arts (MAFA)

To contact Sharon...

Phone:  626-833-1602


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